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i see rowboats

When Luke Fisher, Lisa Lipton, Darcy Fraser, Solomon Vromans and Will Robinson hit the stage as i see rowboats, their strings, percussion and vocals fuse together with such graceful, artistic synergy it’s no surprise that the band answers questions together and counts “becoming closer as friends and musicians” as one of the highlights of 2007. (They also want to acknowledge the memory of Solomon’s mother, Nancy Elizabeth Leaman.) Since their EP release party in August at the North Street Church, i see rowboats have been amazed by the “positive response and feedback surrounding hide & seek behind the throne and the support from “the music community in Halifax, our friends and our family, local and national media, warm attendance and attendees at shows.” Quickly establishing themselves as a favourite around town, the band had only played live 12 times before their shows with The Besnard Lakes at the Halifax Pop Explosion and Pop In Session. Apparently it takes a village to raise an awesome pop-orchestra band like i see rowboats: “We would love to thank Jen Zimmer, Jamie Cooper at Woodside Studio, Mat Dunlap, our families and friends, Sydney Smith, Aaron Fraser, The Coast, CKDU, all of the local musicians that have supported and played with us, Molly Sexton, Rob Shedden, Mike Murdoch and Ryan Veltmeyer, all of the people that helped us on the ‘Ci Ci’ video shoot and all of the our friends that sang in the choir.”

First runner up: The Sorrys

Second runner up: Easy Tiger

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