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Best Cinnamon Roll

Mary’s Bread Basket, Brewery Market

Like most people who are experts in a field, Dale Beazley thinks what he does is easy. “There is no secret,” he says about making Metro’s best cinnamon roll. “They’re simple.” Beazley’s been on the payroll for nine years at Mary’s Bread Basket, the 14-year-old bakery in Hollis Street’s Brewery Market, producing dozens of the famous treat daily. Except on Saturdays, when the Brewery is filled with crowds shopping at the farmers’ market. “The line of people can go in two directions,” explains Beazley. One option means a relatively short line that the bakery’s workers can see the end of. “When it goes the other way”—he points to a corridor snaking out of sight of Mary’s—”you never know how many people there might be. That’s when you feel they’d take hostages if they don’t get their cinnamon rolls.”
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