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Young ones

LaserSquid Music puts on its second annual electronic dance festival, We’re All Young Now 2013, as part of National Youth Arts Week

Young ones
Who has two thumbs and loves electronic music? Dezza

It's not every day you see hundreds of people dancing their hearts out to crazy electronic dance music in the middle of the afternoon. But on Sunday May 5, that's exactly what will be happening at the Alderney Landing Theatre in Dartmouth.

For the second year in a row, Halifax's biggest dance music record label, LaserSquid Music, will be hosting the all day, all-ages festival aptly titled We're All Young Now 2013, as part of National Youth Arts Week.

The event was founded last year by LaserSquid Music with the support of National Youth Arts Week in hopes that a large festival such as this would bring local artists and enthusiasts together as well as help to put electronic dance music on the map in Halifax.

"We wanted to show people that electronic dance music doesn't have to only exist in underground venues, but it can exist in a big beautiful public space where everyone can come and enjoy it," says Jonathan Bobryk, festival organizer and founder of LaserSquid Music.

Based on the strong turnout and positive response to last year's event, it's safe to say that Bobryk and his cronies are on their way to spreading electronic dance fever throughout Halifax.

"We had a really good turnout, there was no one bringing any bad energy or bad vibes at all," Bobryk says. "Having so many people out at two o'clock on a Sunday afternoon and seeing them dancing and really dancing hard in a totally open, public space was kind of an amazing feeling."

This year the show will be even bigger, expanding over the entire second floor of the Alderney Landing Theatre with two stages featuring 31 of the best local producers and DJs. Some of those big names include ECMA nominees Dezza and Sp00nfed. "I played the event last year and it was great, but it's exciting that this year they have a bigger venue with even more people," says Dezza (AKA Derek Sylvester).

The festival will be free and open to all ages from noon until 8pm. Following that, the evening portion of the show runs from 8pm to 2am for $15 a ticket.

By opening the festival to all age groups, the show organizers and artists hope to provide younger electronic dance fans with the chance to enjoy performances they don't usually get an opportunity to see.

"For the younger generation in Halifax it's impossible to come out to shows that are in nightclubs. It's the popular kind of music for them, but all they have is top 40 on the radio and at their high school dances so they don't really ever get a chance to listen to it live," explains Dezza.

Festival organizers and electronic enthusiasts hope that by having the We're All Young Now event each year, electronic dance music will continue to shed the nightclub, raving, drug-induced stigma it's often plagued with and be recognized for its talented artists and growing community.

"It would be nice to see it more focused on community and the artists rather than just partying your face off," Bobryk says.

Whether you're already electronic dance music's biggest fan or you've never heard of it before, Bobryk hopes We're All Young Now 2013 will be an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the electronic music culture and dance your pants off---preferably not literally---to some impressive local talent.

We're All Young Now Electronic Music Showcase: DEZZA
w/Sp00nfed, P-80, Dono & The Real Molloy, No Affiliation, and more
Sunday, May 5, 12pm-2am, free/$15
Alderney Landing Theatre, 2 Ochterloney Street

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