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U2 comes to Moncton

July 30 with Arcade Fire opening.



Oh hi guys. Happy Monday!
So a number of sources have confirmed today that U2 is indeed playing Magnetic Hill on July 30th. And yep, The Arcade Fire are opening. Unfortunately pretty much all the hotels in Moncton are booked (people began booking when the rumours began circulating last week) so you should just go all Matt Foley on this business and park your van down by the river for the evening.

gotta go get my frickin parkin spot!
  • gotta go get my frickin' parkin' spot!

In an interesting but totally unrelated note, the dude who invented Le Blogotechque (the beautiful off-the-cuff band performances filmed in various parts of France) was interviewed in Eye Weekly recently and he said the Arcade Fire are "terrible people," or something, which aligns them with a long list of great artists that I love who are reputedly awful people, including Mark E. Smith, Trent Reznor, Steve Albini, Lou Reed, the Oasises, etc. What can ya do? How about that song Neon Bible, eh? Here's the video shot by the French dude in a French elevator.

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