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Sa-Roc with you

The Atlanta-based MC is coming to town to connect with your spirit.

Sa-Roc w/Ghettosocks, Uncle Fester, Shevy Price, Realeyez, Kxng Wooz, Iyari, DJ Anderoc, DJ Fadzwa
Friday, June 9 at 10pm
Reflections Cabaret, 5187 Salter Street

After a seemingly endless winter and spring, you no doubt need a blast of heat that warms you from head to toe, lifts your spirits and makes you say, "hell yeah!" That powerful force arrives June 9 at Reflections, in the form of Sa-Roc, a D.C.-born, Atlanta-based MC with so much lyrical and spiritual firepower you're sure to forget the cold and that mumble rap you've been force fed.

Sa-Roc is a co-creator and advocate of God Hop. "God Hop is a subgenre of hip hop, not religiously affiliated, but a type of music that seeks to elevate the listener's mind, body and spirit, that activates chakras, activates the body's meridians, raises your chi in a positive way. God Hop is all about elevating you to your higher self, without sacrificing that good boom-bap hip hop, or the elements of hip hop," Sa-roc says over the phone from a tour stop in Minneapolis.

Despite a busy touring schedule Sa-Roc finds unique experiences with each show: "As an artist you want to make sure your delivery is on point, want to make sure that you're executing your craft as well as possible. But I always tell people, it's not just about the artist getting up on stage and performing, it's definitely about the give and take relationship between the crowd and the performer. After I perform, I talk to people and they're coming up and telling me, 'oh I really like what you were saying,' or, 'I felt like you were talking to me.' That's a really important part for me to be able to reach people individually as much as I can, and have somewhat of a dialogue."

 "It's all about energy," Sa-Roc says. "It's really important for me to get the energy right from the beginning of my performance. A lot of times I'll start my show with mantras or burning sage, to try to get the energy just clear and centred in the room. Starting off with the intention of connecting with spirit, connecting with people's heart—connecting on that universal level—I think is important."

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