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Party Like It's 1975-1981

Kenny Loggins and Nazareth hit the Casino circuit



Oh boy. Oh boy. Shrewd Coast staffers just alerted us to recent developments on the Casino Nova Scotia website - namely, that yacht rock hero Kenny Loggins and Scottish '70s slow-dance kings Nazareth will be appearing in that particular venue a few days apart from each other in July.

My personal favorite pop culture moment involving Mr. Loggins is that scene from Half Baked when Jim Breuer's stoner record store clerk yells at a customer, "Five bucks for a used Kenny Loggins record? Nyahhhhhhhhhhhwww maaang!" You may also remember that Mr. Loggins famously penned the song "Footloose." Below, please enjoy the Yacht Rock dramatization of how Loggins wrote the song. (The episode actually doesn't feature Kenny Loggins too much, but it does feature Jason Lee playing a Bacon-munching Kevin Bacon.)

And Nazareth, eh? They've played here before, haven't they? At the Forum or something? Maybe with Helix?
Anyway, I missed the era where you slow-danced to "Love Hurts" (my era was more Bon Jovi's Bed of Roses) but I have to admit the song "Hair of the Dog" is still pretty good. The sort-of-hilarious video of the band performing the song live is below.

My brain has awakened sufficiently from the paralytic shock it was launched into by the announcement of this news and I realize you probably might like to know where and when and all that stuff (or maybe you would hate to?) Regardless, Kenny plays at the Schooner Showroom on July 16 and 17th at 8pm. Double bill, bitchessss! Nazareth plays July 22nd, also at 8pm —- early shows for the dads, we reckon. You can find more information, including ticket cost and linkage to purchase tickets at Casino Nova Scotia's website.

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