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Night group

ReelLifeFam’s Midnight 6 Society launch party appeals to the night owls.

Night group
Tess Pansarasa
Demikz, Trev Walter, CrittyGetsLifted, TD Banks, DC Simmonds.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Who else is up right now? Where's the party?" 

ReelLifeFam, the brainchild of Trevor Walter and Courtney (C-Note) Simmonds, hopes to answer those questions with the launch of the Midnight 6 Society. 

"Midnight 6 Society is basically a movement, our whole case we're pushing with that is owning the night," says Walter. "Nighthawks, to us, are the partiers, those are the people that we want to cater to. We want to bring these people together." 

Simmonds explains that the Midnight 6 Society was "something we came up with because a couple of my boys work back shift and I'm the type of guy who always likes to stay up late." Logging into Facebook late at night, Simmonds noticed there were a lot to people up and eager to chat and interact, a whole "society after 12." 

Simmonds thought, "'OK man, we could have  a little movement here if we push this the right way.'"

Midnight 6 Society promises not to be just another party. ReelLifeFam's mission from its beginnings in 2012 has been to create a nightlife atmosphere different than anything offered in Halifax. "People get tired of the same thing, so why not be able to come to a party where you can hear a different type of hip-hop music you're not going to hear at any other venue," said Walter. "It feels good to have that control, to be able to provide a certain type of music. People are going to understand that you're only going to hear these songs at a ReelLifeFam party."

More than throwing a unique event, ReelLifeFam have aspirations stretching into the cultural and social fabric of the city.

Simmonds sees Halifax as being "a cliquey city," a place where "people like to stick with what they're used to."

Busting through these barriers and embracing the diversity and talent found locally is an underlying goal.

"We're pushing bringing everyone together," says Walter. "In Halifax where the city is so small, when you bring everyone together and everyone's able to kind of work cohesively we can accomplish more as a whole."

Walter explains that ReelLifeFam wants to "push diversity at our parties; when you come to our parties you're going to see all different types of people. Different races, you know, different everybody. We want to be able to reach everybody."  

Whereas in the past, musical tastes may have kept people separated into their social circles, ReelLifeFam, through events like the Midnight 6 Society launch---which features KDZ, Hoodlum, Zora The Sultan and host Pat Stay---hope to "reach out to our people." 

Walter brings it back to a family feeling: "Within a family, not everybody is going to be the same but there are always one or two things you can relate with one another about. That's how we treat it, it's a business first, but at the end of the day everybody involved is a family. We all look out for one another, in every way that we can, business-wise, friendship- wise. It's unique what we have, because people always say you can't do business with your friends---those sort of cliches. For me personally, my own individual success isn't as important to me as success for people that are close to me."

Midnight 6 Society launch party w/KDZ, Hoodlum, Zora The Sultan, Pat Stay
Friday, November 1 at 10pm, $10
The Argyle, 1575 Argyle Street

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