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Moonwake’s shifting tide

The synth-pop band celebrates a new direction at a trio of Halifax Music Co-op shows.

Moonwake’s shifting tide
Moonwake still plans to transport you to outer space, but now it wants you to dance your way there.

Moonwake w/Elise Besler at Inventions 2019
Nov 15-17, 7pm
Christ Church, 61 Dundas St, Dartmouth

Moonwake will make your spirit rise and fall like the tide when it performs with an orchestra and a choir. The band is slated to play November 15, 16 and 17 for Inventions, the annual musician-combining event put on by The Halifax Music Co-Op—which also provides the aforementioned orchestra and choir.

Composer, percussionist and key-tickler Braden Nelson describes the band as "somewhat of a collective"—that will soon have 80 new collaborators, thanks to the HMC. Nelson compositions gain lots of character with dozens of musicians of all skill levels performing. "I've never heard music that I've written be so big and full," he says of the partnership. "There's almost some cinematic vibes."

More changes are coming for Nelson and his band: Moonwake is fresh off the release of a new single, signalling a new style for the band. "Constant Variable" is still "dreamy indie pop music with undertones of jazz," as Nelson says. But, it's the first of a slew of more upbeat songs: "We want to change it up for our next release," Nelson adds.

"In the past we've always been a very DIY band," he continues—but now Moonwake is looking outward to create fresh songs with a quicker tempo. Part of that crackling, saltwater crispness comes from John Mullane of In-Flight Safety, who mixed "Constant Variable". "It was a breath of fresh air having someone else do it, and he was so on the same page," says Nelson.

In 2020, Nelson says you can expect new shows—including "a really cool collaborative event"—alongside more of the new-and-improved production guided by Mullane: "We're in the studio with him again next week."

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