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Meet Halifax's newest "lazy pop" band Strongboy

Despite the descriptor, the four-piece just released a new track and video

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Amanda Gaul
Just some Strongboys lazin' around

Since last July, Halifax's Strongboy has been releasing what they call "lazy pop jams" and playing here and there. Last week, the foursome released a new video for the track, "Maybe," from the two-song EP of the same name. Between Brett Jarrett (vocals, guitar), Seamus O'Neill (drums), Tyler Popwell (guitar) and Alex Sheppard (bass), all Cape Bretoners, they've been self-recording (3/4 of the band have recording arts degrees) and making some very chill tracks in the vein of Mac DeMarco, which is a good thing. That dirtbag's influence will be felt for awhile. 

"I had been writing music for years, playing with different groups but not doing much recording-wise," says Jarrett, who started Strongboy with his roommate Seamus last summer. "Eventually we got our friend Tyler to start playing guitar, tracking our first song in his kitchen. Alex was still in London, Ontario finishing at the studio, so we sent him the song to record bass, mix it and send it back in about three days," which he did. "What a nice guy. Now we're a nice, handsome family." 

Strongboy released the track "Hangin' Around" last July before the Maybe EP, and while it feels familiar in terms of tone, Jarret's voice sets it apart and lifts it up to something a bit more alternative than jazzy. Still pop and fresh. "It feels so good to feel anything," he sings. True

Edited by Sarah MacPhee, the video for "Maybe" features vintage ice cream scoops and shots of a chocolate factory, a nice complement to the sweetness of their songs. Check it out below. 

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