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Halifax Street Style: Grafton Street

Scouring the streets for the city's most fashionable

Halifax Street Style: Grafton Street
Meghan Tansey Whitton

Name: Julia McKaig
Age: 27
Spotted: Grafton Street
Wearing: Pants, Zara; shirt, Urban Outfitters; boots, Little Burgundy; jacket, vintage from Paris

How would you describe your style?
A soft drink with bitters. Optional: A shot of whiskey.

Where do you derive inspiration from when putting together an outfit?
French new wave, Winona Ryder, ’90s Calvin Klein, children’s books, nostalgia, nature, the military, unsuspecting locals, friends, family, things I see that resonate. It feels deep to me.

How does living in Halifax affect your fashion choices?
I have a parrot shirt that has a Bluenose pin on it. Also, I’m pretty moody which must have something to do with growing up in a place with lots of wind and water—I think my style reflects that.

Name a current trend that you just can’t get on board with?
I have and never will be OK with pre-torn jeans—the lack of authenticity just rips me to the core...and it’s getting more extreme! Can I just say that I love the stretch ankle boot look right now? Women’s ankles have never looked so good in the winter.

Favourite local shop?

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