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Codename Sailor V

By Naoko Takeuchi (Kodansha)

Codename Sailor V is bound to be recognized as the precursor series to the popular Sailor Moon. The stories start off very similar---young Minako Aino meets a talking cat who gives her the ability to transform into the magic-powered Sailor V. Her mission is to defeat the forces of evil, from energy-stealing aliens to petty criminals and bullies. At only two books, this first-time-to-English release introduces us to Sailor Venus when crime-fighting was still fun for her, simultaneously laying groundwork for the more mature Sailor Moon, the original of which varies a great deal from the animated series most are accustomed to. Minako is a more bubbly and idol-chasing teenager then her predecessors, making Codename Sailor V a smile-worthy read that, though a bit dated, is as much an energetic dose of nostalgia as it is a debut treat for fans new and old.
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