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Former Nova Scotia MP Lenore Zann returns as Rogue in Marvel’s X-Men ‘97

The animated series reboot lands on Disney+ sometime in 2023.

NDP-turned-Liberal Lenore Zann and her villain-turned-hero X-Men character Rogue.

When it comes to origin stories, Rogue from X-Men has a pretty good one. She started out as a villain in her 1981 comic debut, before switching teams to work with Professor X and his crew of noble mutants. From there, she went on to help save the world about a bajillion times—all while keeping her relatable angsty streak that makes her the goth-est superhero going.

Perhaps you already know all this because the weekend mornings of your childhood were spent in the excellent company of X-Men, the animated series that ran from 1992 to 1997, originally on FOX Kids Network but quickly syndicated to the point of ubiquity.

Back then, Lenore Zann voiced the beloved character. These days, we tend to think of Zann for her political resume: As a Liberal MP for Cumberland-Colchester until losing her seat in this summer’s federal election and, before that, a decade-long stint as the MLA for Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River, where she served provincially under the New Democratic Party banner before famously switching to run for the federal Liberal Party. (Maybe Rogue’s switching teams helped Zann prepare for such a decision.)

Zann’s acting work was never far out of mind, though—sometimes for the wrong reasons. Before she joined the federal Liberals, the provincial Libs leaked topless photos from her time on Showtime’s classic drama The L Word in a smear campaign when she was running for the NDP.

Now that MP Zann has been replaced in Ottawa by Conservative Stephen Ellis, it seems she is ready to get back into acting again. The actor tweeted last week that she’ll be back at her post voicing Rogue as X-men ‘97, a reboot of the original cartoon, lands on Disney+ sometime in 2023. “The world needs a lil more X-Men in their lives raht ‘bout now,” she tweeted, along with a screencap of the show that sees a suitably moody Wolverine staring at a framed photo announcing the series. “Rogue at your service—ready to suit up and show up!”

If you’re unacquainted with Rogue, here’s a supercut that claims to offer the character’s best scenes.