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Cottage fever

The Savour Food and Wine Festival pours up a bit of summer in the dead of winer with the Craft Beer Cottage Party.

Cottage fever

This spring-winter-spring-winter tease has gone too far, and the folks at the Savour Food and Wine Festival have clearly gone just as shack-wacky as the rest of us. This Saturday the folks at SFWF are hosting the antidote to winter 2016: a Craft Beer Cottage Party.

Ticket-holders will have the opportunity to "enjoy beer the way Nova Scotians like it: outdoors, by the lake, playing washer-toss and stretching out in a lawn chair," says organizer Mike Kerry. "February is such a dreary month, and it seems like summer is 100 years away," he says of the concept. "We wanted to do something fun."

So, this Saturday, the Seaport Farmers' Market will be transformed into the most well-provisioned lakeside cottage imaginable, with 28 breweries offering up samples of local suds. Also on offer will be a selection of snacks, live music and—yes, seriously—washer toss. It's basically the May two-four celebration of your dreams, three months early.

We Haligonians have always had a propensity towards shucking our winter gear and sporting t-shirts the minute the mercury rises into the black, and Savour's Cottage Party has been embraced just as lustily by our frostbitten citizens. The event sold out last week, so unless you've got connections or can rock your beard and plaid well enough to pose as a brewmaster, you'll have to wait until next year. Luckily, the response to the event has been so overwhelmingly positive that next year's event is already in the works. In the meantime, nab a bottle of your favourite ale, sidle up to your radiator, close your eyes real tight and wish for warmer days.

Craft Beer Cottage Party
Saturday, February 27
Seaport Farmers' Market 1209 Marginal Road
sold out

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