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Paighton Arseneault
Shanti Yoga, Best of Halifax 2022 gold winner of Best Yoga Studio


Shanti Yoga
114 Woodlawn Road


R Studios
2470 Maynard Street


On The Mat Yoga
2985 Oxford Street

Peace. Something a lot of people who practice yoga are trying to achieve. It’s also the meaning behind the name Shanti Halifax, as studio manager and teacher Annette Opas tells The Coast over email. “The studio name was chosen because it is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘peace’ which is the keystone value on which the owners run the business and their lives.” Those owners, Uriel MacGillvary and Don MacGillvary, opened the first Shanti Hot Yoga in Dartmouth back in 2010 and since then the studio has expanded to both Halifax and Bedford. And while there are plenty of yoga studios popping up around the city, Opas believes its sense of community is what sets it apart from the rest. “I believe the values that have built the foundation of Shanti have created a sense of community that is entirely unique. Our teachers' commitment to their practice and training, coupled with their knowledge, passion and creativity ensures that our classes are always evolving.”

Shanti Halifax has a variety of offerings, so many that Opas has difficulty choosing one that’s the most popular. “It is hard to narrow down our various classes to just one for popularity purposes. For example, core and flow is popular for those who are looking for a fun challenge whereas yin is popular for those who are seeking a sense of stillness, longer holds to target deeper than the muscles.” Whatever your preference in yoga class, know that Opas and the rest of the studio value their customers over everything. “As it is our students that have brought us such success, it is an honour to be recognized as the Best Yoga Studio in Halifax by them,” Opas explains. “We are humbled and grateful for everyone who continues to show up for their practice and support us. We would like to thank everyone involved for this achievement.”

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