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Best of Halifax

Best International Grocer


Pete's Frootique & Fine Foods
1515 Dresden Row


Tian Phat Asian Grocery
209 Bedford Highway


Mid-East Food Centre & Café
Currently closed

Pete’s Frootique & Fine Foods has been around for 30 years now, with a lot of Haligonians growing up shopping there, something Lainey Darlison, Pete’s marketing and communications manager, thinks sets the store apart from other grocers. “We’re a local staple, right? We’ve been in the area since 1992, so… a lot of people grew up seeing Pete on TV.” Other than nostalgia, Darlison attributes the win to the shop’s unique offerings that people can’t get anywhere else. Some of Pete’s most popular items are part of its holiday selection, something the store is stocking up on right now. “All of our British holiday items have come in. So advent calendars… everyone loves that they can get haggis still in the city with us,” Darlison tells The Coast. As for what this award means to the store, Darlison loves the fact that even after winning several BOHs, the community continues to come back and recognize Pete’s.

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