Best Caesar 2019 | The Canteen | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Caesar

The Canteen

Gold Winner The Canteen

Silver Winner Stubborn Goat Gastropub

Bronze Winner Mic Mac Bar & Grill

“I knew it was good, but we’re not the kind of place that has a meal on its Caesar,” says The Canteen’s Renée Lavallée of the first-ever win for her restaurant’s morning cocktail. A recipe written by the Clever Barkeep’s Jeff Van Horne, that’s stayed consistent since The Canteen opened in 2017, this drink doesn’t use Clamato and keeps folks guessing with a hint of both grainy dijon and pickle juice in the mix. “I always try to test people,” says co-owner Doug Townsend, “they’re like, what is that?”

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