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Best of Halifax

Best Esthetician

Remedy Facial Bar and Spa

Best Aesthetician
Meghan Tansey Whitton

Gold Winner Katherine Hanlon, Dime Salon Inc.

Silver Winner Angela Bishop, Remedy Facial Bar & Spa

Bronze Winner Lindsay Wilson, Remedy Facial Bar & Spa

“Knowing that a lot of the time when people leave here, they feel better in more ways that just how they look—if I can even do that once a day is it’s the best feeling.” This is Katherine Hanlon in a nutshell. The seven-time winner in this category knows how to make people look good too, trust, but she’s all about the relationships that come along with the job. This win is different from her last six, though. It marks her first full year working at Dime Salon, which she calls a bit of a homecoming. “It’s just a place where I feel like I can totally be myself and that’s something that I love,” she says. “The girls are the best, it’s like I work with my best friends every day, and the clientele is wonderful. It feels like it really all came together this year.”

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