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Gold Winner Cyclesmith

Silver Winner The Bike Pedlar

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Andrew Feenstra has worked at Cyclesmith since the early ’90s, longer than anyone except the company’s bookkeeper, and he still loves the job. He was there in 1995, when the founders had a falling out and sold the business to Mark Beaver and Paul Shaw. He joined Beaver and Shaw as a minority partner in 2000. And in 2016 Feenstra bought out his partners as part of an amicable succession plan, becoming Cyclesmith’s sole owner. That’s a big change in Feenstra’s life and the company’s, but the multiple gold-winning bike boat isn’t going to get rocked for customers. “Nothing’s really changing as far as day-to-day operations,” says Feenstra (even Beaver will be working at the shop for the foreseeable future). “There’ll be the same good service, the same selection, the same everything.”

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