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Best Lunch Specials

Cha Baa Thai Restaurant, downtown

Gold Winner Cha Baa Thai Restaurant, Halifax

Silver Winner Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca

Bronze Winner Dhaba Casual Fine Dining and Express

Work-goers know there is nothing more satisfying than finding that perfect little resto that is as inexpensive as it is delicious—a place to retreat to when you were just too damn busy to pack a lunch. Somedays it seems as though a war has been waged between food and your bank account. Don’t stress. At Cha Baa Thai during lunchtime, $10.50 will get you Red Curry chicken, BBQ Duck with ginger or Stir Fried Ribs (to name a few), all paired with a crisp and crunchy spring roll. This means that some workdays, its okay to “forget” your lunch at home.

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