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Best Bedford Restaurant

The Chickenburger

Scott Blackburn
Gold winner, The Chickenburger.

Gold Winner The Chickenburger, Bedford

Silver Winner il Mercato Trattoria

Bronze Winner Morris East, Bedford

Don’t be chicken when you’re eating here—bring a pocket full of quarters so you can shake your tailfeathers jiving to the jukebox. A crowd favourite for 70 years, The Chickenburger brings guests from all over, hungry for a tasty burg and a frothy shake. Bedford patrons take pride in this classic joint with its retro diner decor—AKA Coca-Cola signs and swivel stools, fitting for the oldest drive-in diner in Canada. If you’re really a die-hard, they even have hoodies and beanie hats so you can broadcast Chickenburger goodness wherever you go.

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