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Gold Winner Flag on the Play

Silver Winner Everyone’s Famous

Bronze Winner Craigness!

Fresh off a stellar Halloween special, where the Flag family made a loving tribute to Are You Afraid of the Dark—with one of Ken’s more heart-wrenching performances—Paul Doucette and Hugh Stewart are keeping humble. “We’re a show for the people.” Referencing Funny or Die’s recent Are You Afraid of the Dark spoof, Doucette says, “ours came out first, but it’s just nice to be part of the zeitgeist.” Three seasons strong, FOTP airs on Eastlink, (Fridays 9:30pm) shooting every Tuesday night during football season shoot in a north end basement. And lately the team is refining their approach to comedic football and conspiracy-based commentary. There are more green screen scenes now, and, you know, more plots. “We have a rough idea on where we want to take the show,” says Doucette. “But we feel that we know the writing world so well know that the sky’s the limit.”
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