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Best Skateboarder

Jermaine Arsenault

It makes all kinds of sense that Arsenault rules this category. He’s assistant manager at the nerve centre of the skateboarding scene here in Halifax, ProSkates on Blowers. Growing up in Dartmouth, Arsenault started to skate around grade 9, and a friend who lived on a cul de sac turned the street into a skatepark, with the neighbours’ blessing. “I like how it’s not a team sport,” says Arsenault. “You can’t blame anybody.” Arsenault---also known as up-and-coming hip hop artist Young Double aka Double A (not to be confused with the DJ)--- says that skateboarding in town is actually on the decline right now, especially around the skatepark, due to the police enforcing the helmet law. “They’re handing out $140 fines to 14-year-old kids and taking away their skateboards,” says Arsenault. “Cops don’t want kids to exercise. Skateboarding sits lower than soccer or basketball on the head injury list, and they don’t need to wear helmets.”

1st Runner-up: Dave Hung

2nd Runner-up: Michel Ungurain

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Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?

Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?