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Best Local Album Artwork

Yo Rodeo!

Seth Smith, Yo Rodeo!: This makes us feel good but a little guilty since we didn’t produce many posters last year.

Paul Hammond, Yo Rodeo!: It’s awesome to see that there is actually a category for us this year. But yeah, we’ve been a little lazy in the poster’s nice that people still like us though.

What makes a great poster?

SS: Good art and good band names.

PH: Patterns that hurt to look at. Text that’s hard to read. (Just kidding, but only kind of.)

What are poster trends you wish people would avoid?

SS: Houndstooth. You know who you are!

PH: Shit with guns on it. They’re not cool in real life, why would they be cool in a poster?

What goes into conceiving a record cover?

SS: Magic Powder, Fairy Dust and Laser Swords.

PH: What Seth said.

1st runner-up: Matt Mays, When the Angels Make Contact (Bill Mays), 2nd runner-up (tie): Down with the Butterfly, Rise, Jon Epworth and the Improvements, Wet on Wet (Mike Belyea)

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Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?

Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?