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Best New Artist

The Stolen Minks

With many of the elders in the scene having less and less time to fill the local stages, there is a real opportunity for a new generation of bands to make their mark. Out of the new acts vying for your attention, you’ve chosen rockabilly quartet The Stolen Minks as the band you think is the most promising. “We’re big fans of drinking and dancing, so we basically just wanted to make music that would encourage that,” says bass player Tiina Johns, who with Erica Butler, Rachelle Goguen and Stephanie Johns—a trio of Coast affiliates—rounds out the Minks. While the group’s initial practices involved “a lot of gossiping and drinking pink champagne,” they have recently begun to take themselves more seriously. In addition to finishing a four-song EP and a possible tour, the band’s next few months include “inciting girls to form bands, learning more about sound and gear stuff and maybe shopping for matching shoes,“ says Johns.

Runners-up: Satellite Rides, Sharp Like Knives

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It's official. Toronto has next on a new WNBA team! About time. Should Halifax follow?