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Ultramagnetic Recording (Mullet)

Nestled in the top floor of The Khyber Centre for the Arts, Ultramagnetic Recording (affectionately known as the Mullet) is the birthplace of countless local albums. Started in 1997 by Super Friend Charles Austin and Kevin Lewis, the Mullet’s client list reads like who’s who of the Halifax music scene. Established artists such as Joel Plaskett, Matt Mays, Buck 65 and Ashley Moffatt have all recorded albums in the studio, as have up-and-comers Oh God, ex-Guthrie Gabriel Minnikin and Brent Randall. The room is warm and inviting, coaxing good performances out of even the most nervous musicians, and the low recording cost keeps musicians from constantly looking at the clock while laying down tracks. Ultramagnetic doesn’t have the polish or technology of some of the larger Halifax studios, but its positive atmosphere and indie-cool vibe more than make up for it.

Runner-up: Denmark Productions

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