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Best of Halifax

Best Martini

The Bitter End, 1572 Argyle, 425-3039

No one’s bitter at the Bitter End: Your votes give the End the Best Martini. What’s so good about them? Mike Leigh, the affable GM/owner, pins it down to attention to detail. “We care,” he says. His bartenders practice their skills, learning the art of making good drinks. Everything from picking just the right size glassware to making sure Manzilla stuffed olives (the Cadillac of Martini olives) are used. There are about 25 martinis listed on the drink menu, but that’s just the starting point. “The variations are virtually endless,” he says, “and our staff are here to help our guests decide.”

Runner-up: The Fireside, 1500 Brunswick, 423-5995

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