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Rob Evans, a la Carde Graphic Design

If is his website ( is any indication, Rob Evans is a funny guy. First of all, there’s the menu schtick (a la carde, get it?), perpetrated by sections called “Appetizers” “Entrees” and “Dessert” with accompanying summaries in restaurantese (“From the land of Hard Knocks served with a rich trial and error cream sauce”). Then there’s the link to three of Evans’s personal life stories, including one about the time he was a teen reporter for YTV, “but the show was cancelled before I was ever on air.” So he’s funny. And oh yeah, he can design you a website or logo that’s hip, elegant, snazzy or whatever else you want. Just like a good chef. 103-287 Lacewood Drive, Unit 309, 443-2371

Runner-up: Web Guru Designs

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