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Best Artist

Winners: Alex Lively, Marilyn McAvoy, Mike Lewis

Alex Lively: Fascinated by technology, Lively is a self-taught artist whose works are extremely high-tech. He works with multiple sheets of glass, painting triangles, circles and squares only in primary colours. Lively’s work, when finished, is framed by chrome and looks like it is suspended in mid-air when hung. Marilyn McAvoy: Influenced by early Dutch paintings, McAvoy recently exhibited her work at Studio 21. McAvoy has also been involved in film, scene painting for movies like Titanic. McAvoy teaches at the Nova Scotia College of Art. Mike Lewis: Known for painting on a large scale and in the style of the old masters, he created the mural at Tom’s Little Havana and the Mona Lisa at the Shoe Shop. The St. Mary’s Art Gallery is currently exhibiting Lewis’ work in a show entitled Autumn Gold.
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