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Sunday, November 10, 2013

No love for Halifax stand up

Posted on Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 7:00 PM

I understand that the "Best Of" awards are voted on by readers. And that makes it even more sad that the winner of the Best Comedy Night in Halifax is not, in fact, even a comedy show. Nothing at all against the winner, a very entertaining show, but not stand up comedy. One of the other two winners doesn't even exist anymore. Maybe if a certain local paper that published said "Best Of" list actually gave a shit about local comedy, things would be different. It seems that if you are not a touring comedian, or were not at one time associated with a certain Halifax based sketch comedy troupe, you will not be promoted on these pages. Just look at the "Comedy Etc." section of the "Best Of" issue. All that's listed is Eddie Izzard, and some guy from Coronation Street. No mentions about Monday night Comedy at Gus's, Tuesdays at Clay West, or Wednesdays at Bearly's, not to mention no promotion of shows like The Mind Diddlers, King Kongs of Comedy, Ryan Fried's Comedy Nightmares, or Jacob's Comedy Nights. That would be like only promoting bands that play the Metro Center or the Forum. This town has a super talented and fun stand up scene...not that anyone who reads this paper would know. Pathetic. —Comedy Cowboy

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