Best Dressed Artist / Band | The Coast Halifax

Best Dressed Artist / Band

Gold Winner Willie Stratton and the Boarding Party

Silver Winner Thrillah

Bronze Winner Dub Kartel

“Although we consider ourselves the best undressed band, we are super-stoked about winning Best Dressed,” says Stratton, your pick for nattiest music maker around. Stratton cites army navy surplus stores (shout out to Agricola Street), Lost & Found and Vagabond Vintage as the source of all the vintage-y goodness you see on stages around the city. Stratton and the Boarding Party turn up their noses at normcore, that’s for sure. “Remember, folks: an outfit is like a sandwich. Sure the ol’ peanut butter sandwich is great, but when you add that jelly...well, by golly, it all starts to make sense. Layer it up, y’know?!”