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Best Vinyl

Emerald City, The Caravan

Soaring violins, funky bass, tasty piano, tight percussion, conscious lyrics, even humorous call and responses with cellos; all these elements go into making The Caravan's *Emerald City* the winner for Best Vinyl. *Emerald City* is the type of record you end up wearing grooves in, perhaps to catch one of vocalist Kyle McKenna's quick and rhythmic turns of phrase, or maybe just get to lost in the funked-out sound scape and full-breathing jams of the tight band that backs him up. From “The Girl at the of the Back Room,” a turn-the-lights-down-low homage to the throne of late-night make-out music, to “Tone Down,” a summer-jazz, free and easy vibe, to “Make it Smooth,” a hip hop trip down memory lane, *Emerald City* is easy for its complexity. Catch The Caravan live this summer as they bring live-band hip hop to a venue near you. ---MH

1st Runner-up Zombies!!!, Glory Glory Man United

2nd Runner-up New Problems, Seth Smith