Wayfarers | The Coast Halifax


I bought my first pair of RayBan Wayfarers in 2001 while still in highschool. Such a unique design, I thought, and incredibly comfortable to boot. In addition, I was a huge fan of both 'Risky Business", and "The Blues Brothers", so the glasses held a certain sentimental value, as well. It just splits my heart in two that the hipsters have assimilated the wayfarers (often knockoffs) as part of their official garb. I still wear them sometimes, cautiously, but as silly as it sounds I'm worried I'll be associated with this confused sub-culture, and subsequently be ridiculed for wearing running sneakers in lieu of Chuck Taylors or ironic high tops. Can we please all spread some sort of rumor that the wayfarers have become 'mainstream' so that they'll stop wearing them?