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Best Fish Cakes

Mic Mac Bar & Grill

Best Fish Cakes
Alexa Cude

Gold Winner Mic Mac Bar & Grill

Silver Winner EDNA

Bronze Winner Ardmore Tea Room

One hundred percent pure love is the secret to the champion fish cakes (AKA Marilyn’s Fish Cakes) at the Mic Mac, simple as that. And while many of the restaurant’s wins this year can be credited to its entire team, this one goes out to the dish’s namesake. “Our owner, Terry Legoffic, his wife passed away a few years ago—she put her heart and soul into this place, and it’s her recipe,” says Joël Chiasson, the restaurant’s GM, of the dish. And the secret to what makes them so good will have to remain that way, he adds: “If I told you I’d have to kill you.”