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#TheCoastWrapped 2021

Dive into the most memorable moments of The Coast this year.

In the style of the annual viral marketing campaign of a certain popular audio streaming platform that starts with Spot- and ends with -ify, here’s a look back at the most popular stories on The Coast in 2021 and the videos that received the most views. Let's dive in!

Best of Halifax 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards

We love this city and it looks like you do, too. The 27th edition of The Coast’s Best of Halifax Readers’ Choice Awards was a huge success and the results page was one of the most viewed pages on our website the last 365 days: 30,835 Haligonians cast a total of 506,152 votes in 110 categories. Here are the results.

What happened at Northwood?

The Coast exclusive by award-winning journalist Stephanie Nolen was a major investigative story and a devastating piece of reporting. The pandemic struck Halifax’s largest nursing home with tragic results: 53 people dead in 44 days. Nolen wanted to find out if this is the best outcome Nova Scotia could manage. Her story looks into those deadly weeks—revealing chaos inside Northwood and officials ill-prepared for what they should have seen coming as the virus moved from west to east across the country, proving particularly devastating for long-term care facilities. This type of reporting by Nolen was made possible with donations from our members. If you believe in our journalistic mission, consider donating now.

A look inside the 73 modular housing units rotting at a Halifax construction yard

Besides COVID, the city's housing crisis has been one of the top stories this year. From the shelter siege on August 18 to the scoop on the location of HRM modular housing, our coverage on the issue has been extensive. But, it is this story from early November that received the most reads. Look back at the 73 modular housing units sitting in Goodwood.

Inside the first family of Nova Scotia’s pandemic

Doctor Robert Strang has been a constant presence in our lives this year—to the point he won Best Halifamous person in the Best of Halifax awards. But it was his daughters, Emma and Alex, who became one of our most read stories in 2021. This is what sharing a dad with the rest of Nova Scotia feels like.

An image is worth a thousand words and 2021 is the year our YouTube channel reached 1,000 subscribers. With over 180 videos, there’s a lot to watch. The oldest uploaded video is from back in 2009 and the low-resolution video really shows we’ve come a long way. We’ve uploaded more than 30 videos this year and some of them have also made it to the most watched videos on the channel:

We are really thankful for the opportunity of learning Mi'kmaq thanks to Savannah "Savvy" Simon's language revolution. This video goes along with Lewis Rendell's Coast feature from 2015 but six years later is still a constant in our top videos list. We’ve even made GIFs of it this year!

The housing crisis, and particularly the shelter siege, has been one of the top stories this year. This is just one of the videos (the most watched), but we had an extensive video coverage of the protest on August 18 as part of our reporting.

Do you miss crowded university parties? Students at Dalhousie University did, and this year’s HoCOVID has a lot of people mad. We took a look at what went down through location features on Snapchat and you loved to watch, too.

What do you think will happen in 2022?

Will we become viral on TikTok? Are we finally going to see a post-pandemic Halifax? Will the stairs at Queen’s Marque become Best Public Space in the 2022 Best of Halifax Readers’ Choice Awards? We can just wait and see...

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