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I am Danielle Talbot's mother. You have the right to support the ban against squeegeers ("Squeezing squeegeers," Jan. 10). I understand how this makes people uncomfortable---it has made me uncomfortable at times. I find it interesting that much of the response has been so personal. Obviously she shares her apartment with other people, so she is not paying $850 a month on her own. You assume she has never worked, is not looking for work and more importantly assume she has been on welfare for seven years. Am I happy that she squeegees? No. Am I proud of my daughter? Absolutely. Is she a kind, loving person? Yes.

My daughter's first concern for the 
66-year-old victim was the victim. Danielle helped chase away the attackers, she remained with her until the ambulance came and she was available for the police. She did her civic duty yet she is attacked for doing so by some writers.

My daughter has been working steadily to get her marks and the correct courses to be accepted by Dalhousie. She wasn't talking through her ears. This has been her dream for years. Like other students she will have to get a student loan and apply for bursaries and scholarships. She has chosen a non-
traditional lifestyle---not my choice, but hers.

I have been to her apartment several times. The area is great, however, her place is a dark basement apartment that is quite modest. These are by no means luxury 

I am her mother. She is my child. I wish she didn't squeegee. She is not perfect---
never was, or will be, mistaken for a saint. She is a human being that should not be vilified for having the courage to step up and give a face to squeegeers. You want to ban squeegeers? Go ahead, plead your cause in public. Be prepared to be attacked personally, but lay off my daughter and stop hiding behind the anonymity of an email.

By Christine

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