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Letters to the editor, November 12, 2015

These are the letters and comments from the print edition

Best of Halifax, worst of font choices

I always look forward to the print edition of the Best of Halifax, and keep it for reference (Best of Halifax Readers' Choice Awards issue, November 5). This year, your too-cute font colours for gold, silver and bronze winners' names make it virtually impossible to read. —John Wright, Halifax

I always love to read your Best of Halifax issue. However, due to boredom or some positive motive, the 2015 edition is quite elegant but mostly unreadable at the top, where the winners in each category are announced. I have tried moving the page about and I have tried using magnifying glasses. I still have to guess at much. I could say that I am a senior citizen, but that does not excuse you from having made a choice that deprives readers of the information you intended to convey.  —Irene Baros-Johnson, Halifax

I gave up on your Best of issue halfway through, as many of the winners were illegible. Also the results are meaningless without the voting statistics. A gold winner with 10 votes means nothing. —Phil Cochrane, Halifax

I really enjoy reading The Coast each week. My favourite issue is the Best of, and I often try businesses based on those results. But this year I found those results incredibly difficult to read because of the lighter colored ink used. In future please use dark ink when listing the names of all three winners in each category so readers don't need to strain their eyes. Thanks so much. —Barb Robson, Dartmouth

As I sit here on Sunday morning, tea in hand and paper in front of me. I start turning pages to read the Best of Halifax. I find myself looking for a way to read the gold winners. I'm a 50-plus person who loves reading The Coast weekly. Unfortunately the gold colours are hard to read even with progressive lenses. Almost impossible. Sad but true. Kindly keep this in mind when choosing a font for your articles. —CJ, Dartmouth

You have a great little paper here! Subsequently, you should leave out the coloured ink on things like your Best of awards. I extremely struggle trying to read these mini fonts of bronze, gold and such—even with reading glasses! In frequent cases, I can't see who the winners were. They should have been in bold black like the Best category name right about the winners. Frustrated indeed! Metro does the same thing with ads, white print on green background. Arrrgh! Extremely annoying! Last I checked I had one under 20/20 vision. A lot of today's graphic artists need to get back to old school black text and white, or similar background. Thanks, for reading my rant. A paper is no good if your readers can't enjoy it. Rectify please! —Richard Stoodley, Halifax

I always enjoy the Best of issue, but this year I am almost completely unable to read who won, let alone who took silver and bronze! The print quality was so bad, and the attempt at the different colours so weak I implore you to reprint the entire list, even without the winners' comments, in your next issue! —Susan Mitton, Halifax

Editor's note: Well, that sucks. The Best of Halifax has become a big deal in the city over the last 21 years, and it's a huge amount of work for The Coast—spearheaded by food & life editor Allison Saunders—so there was lots of disappointment going around last Thursday when we realized that font wasn't printing very well.

Plenty of papers looked great, with completely readable winners' names, but way too many were basically illegible. To try and make it up to you and the city, we're taking Susan Mitton's advice and reprinting the winners in a fool-proof font [knocks wood]. Get all the Best on page 14.


Photos of Best Barista Danielle Archer and Best Indian Food winner Dhaba Casual Fine Dining & Express and in last week's Best of Halifax issue were shot by Sam Kean, not Samson Learn. See more of Sam's snaps at instagram.com/samuelkean.

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