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District Profile

Cole Harbour is a car-based, suburban community. 86 percent of commuters drive, and only 10 percent use transit, according to the 2001 census. Its population grew by 15 percent between 1991 and 2001, and by 2006, the population was 19,096. Cole Harbour's bus service ends past Ashgrove Avenue, and other major roads are unserviced. Add to this that bus service ends at 6:30pm, and you have a community that is dependent on vehicles. Employment rates rose 3.5 percent between 1991 and 2001, to 60.2.53 percent are married with children, 10 percent are single mothers. 96 percent are born in Canada, 66 percent were born in Nova Scotia. There are lots of kids, and lots of middle-aged parents. Sidney Crosby's family fit in very well here. In fact, there's a brand new sign at the entrance to Cole Harbour announcing its link with the next great one.This is a fairly well off area; the median income of households in 2001 was $67,594, compared to Nova Scotia's $46,523. An average citizen could expect to make $27,551 a year, compared to $18,735 provincially. This could be due to high education rates; 58 percent of residents over 20 had a post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree. Nova Scotia as a whole averaged 10 percent less.

Issue: Tax Reform

Average municipal tax comparison for single family homes

DistrictAverage Property 2009 (taxable)Current Tax (2007)Draft Tax Model (2007)Change in taxes
District 4 (Cole Harbour)168,9911,3221,3764.10%
- "Urban" part of District168,9681,3231,3774.10%
- "Suburban" part of District172,8301,1691,098-6.10%

Source: HRM. HRM Note: Amounts exclude Low Income Rebates. Final adjustments are not included to treat mobile homes as multi-unit; and for the 2009 changes in the Transit Tax structure. Not all area rates are included in the "Current Tax".

Current Councillor

Lorelei Nicholl. Read her report card

Elections Data

2008 Results

Julia MacPherson
757 votes / 15.58%

Lorelei Nicholl
2,790 votes / 57.41% Champ!

Mark R Fernando
705 votes / 14.51%

Barry Smith
608 votes / 12.51%

Voter turnout: 34.65%

Read The Herald's profile of the district.

2008 School Board elections

(District 2 - Forest Hills, Port Wallace, Cherry Brook)
Kyle Buott
Gina Conrod, 38.31%
Belinda States Bezanson
Jeff Wall

2004 Elections

Harry McInroy 3,566 (54.19%)
Ron Cooper 3,014 (45.81%)

Voter Turnout: 48.22%

84.6% voted for Peter Kelly in 2004.
-24.09% Change in 2008.

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In this economy, what does you budget for gifts look like for the holidays?

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