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Rousseau Chocolatier sweetens Hollis Street

From the south of France to downtown Halifax, Rousseau opens on Saturday

Rousseau Chocolatier sweetens Hollis Street
A hint at what Rousseau has to offer inside

Chocolate lovers rejoice! This Saturday, May 3, there will be a new chocolate shop opening its doors to satisfy our sweet-tooth needs and tempt us with the delicious scent of local artisan chocolates. You may remember seeing them at Halifax’s Historic Farmer’s Market on a Saturday but now they have a permanent spot at 1277 Hollis Street. Coming all the way from France to Halifax, everyone welcome Rousseau Chocolatier.

These are handmade chocolates crafted by Julien Rousseau-Dumarcet, co-owner of the shop and the chocolatier himself. Rousseau-Dumarcet is a native of the south of France and he and his partner Nathalie Morin just recently moved to Halifax to open their sweet business.

Rousseau-Dumarcet and Morin have travelled all over Europe together and worked in hospitality for many years. Rousseau-Dumarcet acted as a chocolatier and as a pastry chef at many chocolate shops and high-end hotels all over Europe and received training from professional chocolatiers in the French alps and the Scottish highlands.

“Opening a chocolate shop was something that Julien and I always wanted to do and we’ve been building it up from a distance for the last two years,” says Morin. “We knew we wanted to start the business in Canada and Julien wanted to be close to the water so it was a decision between the east or the west.”

“We lived in Scotland for more than a year and there are so many similarities between Halifax and Scotland so it just seemed to meet the bill,” says Morin. “This past March was our first time setting foot in Halifax and it already feels like home.”

To celebrate the shop’s opening, on May 3 they will be giving away handmade chocolate bars with every purchase of $25 or more. Or if you just want a little taste...well there will be plenty of that. “You’ll be able to try all the chocolate we are making that day: dark, milk, white…” says Morin. “And you’ll be able to see Julien making the chocolate through the viewing-bay window.”

The opening day events will be going on from 10am to 7pm and you don’t need a golden ticket to step inside, see the chocolatier at work and try the delicious sweets—any and all are welcome to drop on by. For more info keep your eyes here.

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