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To the editor,

HRM By Design is supposed to encourage families to move to the peninsula. It is also supposed to encourage liveable neighbourhoods. Things on the peninsula will not move forward if HRM keeps making it easier to live where every house has a driveway.

Each time a hindrance such as the parking ban is implemented, residents of the downtown and peninsula groan---and I don't blame them. This not only becomes an inconvenience, but a drain on the pocket book.

One citizen called to inform me they received a $25 memento from HRM on a balmy 10-degree night; another was a student whose car was towed, costing him $275. This student was from Toronto. He chose Halifax because it seemed like a much more liveable city than his own. He is second-guessing his decision. I have heard about families scaling back on Christmas to accommodate the high price for parking and older people not buying their medication to accommodate this insane ban.

Don't get me wrong. Moving your car off the street during a storm event makes sense, but enforcing a snow-related ban when the temperatures are above zero degrees on a clear night is just a money grab. HRM must adopt the strategy Saint John, New Brunswick has adopted and use it to our advantage! Halifax can be more liveable and less dictatorial if we want it to be.

By Dawn Sloane

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