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How I got my name
Leah Parsons

Dartmouth teenager Rehtaeh Parsons’ attempted suicide and death drew international outrage, eventually galvanizing public and political action against cyberbullying and sexual assault. She would have been 19 this December. Her mother, Leah Parsons, has shared some of Rehtaeh’s writing and art. The paintings were made in her “darkest moments,” Leah Parsons says, “as she struggled to find her way back.” —editor

How I got my name!
September 13, 2007
I wonder if my mom travelled to Africa in a canoe trying to find a great name for me. I wonder if she battled the Loch Ness monster. I wonder if she had to fight Captain Jack Sparrow! I wonder when she got there what happened. Maybe she had to find a talking ancient tiger and he would tell her my name, or maybe she just made me name up when she was 12. That’s what she told me. I don’t believe her though. I like my story better! :)

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Top 10 list of things I would change if I were Prime Minister!
February 5, 2007
No drugs/smoking/drinking
Every country is free
No more slavery
Stop global warming
No hunting
A cure for cancer
No war!
No child abuse
No animal abuse!

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Journal Entry #4
September 26, 2011
My favourite part of the year is learning new things. I really enjoy my visual arts class and English. I love making new friends and meeting new people. High school, for me, means learning to drive, making money, turning 16 and planning for the rest of my life. I am very much looking forward to the rest of high school.

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