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Beauty clean

Stock your shelves, bathroom and travel kit with these kind and conscious products.

Halifax Seed
5860 Kane Street, 454-7456
All Ways Us Bath Bomb
It’s amazing how much a little cube can change your tub-time experience. These hand-crafted bath bombs are made using natural ingredients and packaged using eco-friendly materials. Talk about clean.

Pete’s Frootique
1515 Dresden Row,
Nova Scotia Fisherman Soap
This hand-poured bar is 100 percent natural, vegan and cruelty-free with no artificial colours or preservatives. Not only will it provide a dose of mega moisture (thank you organic shea butter) but it’ll detoxify and nourish your tired skin with local kelp.

2571 Robie Street,
Anointment Soothing Skin Ointment
There is a reason this is Anointment’s signature product: it is your skin’s long lost soulmate. Really, you two deserve each other. Whether dry, chapped, cracked, scraped or sunburnt, this organic olive oil and soothing herb mix is the answer to everything.

Seaport Farmers’ Market
1209 Marginal Road,
Osha Mae Shampoo Bar
Your hair will thank you for this vegan-friendly shampoo in bar form. Among the essential oils that make it smell so lovely, it’s made using organic henna powder, which will help condition your hair, keeping it long and strong.

Beauty clean
Scott Blackburn

1443 South Park Street, 422-6060
Preserve Razors
Made using 100 percent recycled material, these razors were once that little yogurt cup you chose to throw in the blue bin.

Beauty clean
Scott Blackburn

Bradshaw Pure Esthetics
1539 Birmingham Street, 404-4009
Scotch Naturals Nail Polish
Scotch Naturals nailed it with this water-based polish. Not only does is come in a variety of bright and bold colours, its a totally non-toxic, eco-friendly product that’s vegan-, cruelty- and paraben-free and biodegradable.

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