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Thirty dancers descend on Grand Parade

Wednesday's International Day of Dance marked with a public spectacle.

If you go down to Grand Parade, Wednesday at 1:30pm, you're in for a big surprise. In honour of UNESCO’s International Dance Day, more than 30 of Halifax's best dancers and choreographers are taking over the former parking lot.

Choreographers Sarah Cox and Susanne Chui are presenting works "each reflecting different aspects of the human condition." Cox's Open Fan uses the traditional movements of Japanese Bugaku. Chui's The Longest Now is an evolution of her "Dancing on the Head of a Pin" showcase that I wrote about in January. She's moved it outdoors and increased the number of dancers. The dancers taking part include Jacinte Armstrong, Susan Barratt, Francis Brake, Kym Butler, Mufaro Chakabuda, Steve Coats, Susan Cook, Sarah Cox, Lacey Cox, Carolle Crooks, Julian Czenze, Dessie Howard (for Open Fan) Melanie Ferro, Rachel Franco, Sarah Gordon, Sheilagh Hunt, Ruth-Ellen Jackson, Calla Lachance, Véronique Mackenzie, Mary Ellen MacLean, Megan Matheson, Alexis Milligan, Kim Munro, Heather Nicks, Hillary Nicks, Lisa Phinney, Sophie Roy, Sarah Rozee, Neyah Selva (Open Fan), Elise Vanderborght, and Kathleen Vessey. The sound score was created by Rafael Franco.

Do yourself a favour, and take that brown bag sammie to the park on Wednesday.

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