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Cursed Arrows move to Halifax

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After Cursed Arrows' set at Gus' Pub back in May during Long Live the Queen, I freaked out. I bought both of their albums and listened to them when I was drunk and sad, and also when I was lying in a happy/wistful haze on my back deck. I started reading their blogs and following them on all the appropriate social networking channels. They played songs that were fast, tremulous, soul-shredding and my heart smacked wetly and rapidly against my ribs the entire time. Searching, mournful and also extremely bad-ass - these two heavily tattooed vegans.
They also covered "Children of the Grave" with Jackie, the drummer, singing and drumming AT THE SAME TIME OMIGOD.

Yes, they had quite an effect—-the crowd loved them. They were my favorite show. Their songs are about lots of things; the earth, planets, heartache, rusty pipes, and all of it is infused with a desperate sort of love that comes from their partnership as bandmates and also as a married couple.

Today on their blog, they announced they are moving to Halifax. It makes sense - their music currently lives on Noyes Records,and if you read their past tour entries, they seem to like it here a lot. They will record their third album here and (spoiler alert!) it looks like they're gonna play Pop Explosion. It also seems like they need a change. I hope this city will give them what they need. "To be poor by the ocean, instead of these lakes," they wrote.

Here's a quickie video from their Gus' set courtesy of Noisography:

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