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Everything you need to know about the 2023 Mayworks Festival

Halifax's festival of working people and the arts returns from April 30-June 8.

A festival celebrating the lives and realities of working people, Mayworks is a multi-disciplinary feast of performance art and local history, told from the people's perspective. A solace and spectacle for any non-nepo baby, the roughly month-long festival celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with a return to in-person programming.

What is the official name?
It's called Mayworks Kjipuktuk/Halifax.

What is it also known as?
There's no nicknames for this fest.

When is it?
April 30-June 8.

What is it?
Live music, theatre, walking tours and more: Mayworks offers so many arts-and-culture events there's something for everyone. A modern celebration of May Day (also called International Worker's Day), it aims to explore and highlight themes around working people's lives through various creative expressions.

Where is it held?
The first in-person Mayworks since the arrival of COVID-19, the festival is primarily held at The Bus Stop Theatre, with a few events at other locations like Radstorm, Africville Park and House of Eights Dance Studio. See all venues on the Mayworks site.

How long has it been going?
This is the fest's 15th anniversary year.

Where do I get tickets?
Tickets are available via the Mayworks website.

Are there festival passes?
Nope, events are individually ticketed—but many are free.

What is the must-see show?
Lara Lewis's play and performance art piece I See You mines her experience as a live figure drawing model, exploring the relationship between artist and model and between performer and audience. Delving into themes of body image, gender feelings and the body as means of profit, the performance sees audience members sketching Lewis as part of the play. See it May 3 and 10 at 7pm at Radstorm.

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