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CFAT is on the move

Despite slight closure in May, awesomeness level will not be altered

CFAT is on the move
Making stuff at CFAT
On May 13, Centre for Art Tapes moves into their temporary digs in the Roy Building (1657 Barrington). CFAT has inhabited the CBC Radio Building (5600 Sackville) for 12 years. The move is prompted by CBC's recent announcement that they will be ending leases with non-profit societies in the building as of May 31. CFAT will close their doors on May 9 to May 24 in order to struggle with packing tape guns and wrapping things in newspaper and sentimental trips down memory lane, you know, typical moving stuff.

Post-Roy Building, the plans are more enigmatic. According to a CFAT press release: "The second phase of CFATs’ long-term location remains confidential; however, the Board of Directors and staff are enthusiastic about the opportunity and long-term development potential. The development will offer the Centre a chance to custom-design its residence in a central, sustainable space that is open to like-minded partners. Such a residence will allow CFAT to grow and evolve to achieve its mandate; to benefit all artists who pursue training, presentation, and research in the media arts."

Join CFAT on Sunday, May 1 at 3pm at the Hub (1673 Barrington), for an afternoon social with the CFAT on the Move presentation and Q&A, refreshments and door prizes.

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