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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Stupid Generation

Posted on Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 4:00 AM

Things aren’t looking good for millennials in the battle of generational worth to humanity. At least not from a public relations standpoint.

From the cries of being useless without their smartphones to ridiculous pictures of them ending up on the internet, millennials are the first generation to truly embrace the open culture that is the technology age. This has left them open to criticism from prior generations that these tools have made them soft, antisocial, and generally inept to the advancement of human kind. They are the stupid generation.

Unless of course you look deeper into it.

Over the last ten years there’s been an explosion of young entrepreneurs using technology to better the world. Today’s youth have seen 15yr old Jack Andraka invent an early pancreatic cancer detection device, 17yr old Param Jaggi develop a car exhaust that converts CO2 to oxygen, and a 19yr old Boyan Slat develop a solution to removing mass amounts of pollution from the oceans. The coolest thing your dad learned in high school was how to make a bong out of an apple.

We live in the age of long range electric and soon to be autopilot cars with advanced devices that make driving safer than any time in history. Previous generations still haven’t figured out how to make an ironing board that doesn’t scream murder when you open it.

So how did millennials get labelled the stupid generation? It’s actually quite simple.

Have you ever played video games with a 9 yr old and thought “I’m gonna destroy this kid”, then died 100 times in 5 min? Most people will quit and simply proclaim the game as stupid. Millennials are that 9yr old.

In the mid 90’s personal computers became widely accessible and society as a whole turned to everyone who’d completed school before then and said, “sorry, your f***’d”. Given the option to adapt or die, many took to opportunity to see computers as a game they could easily win if they felt like it. One pop-up ad virus later, this new technology was stupid.

It’s been a rough transition. “Stupid photos of millennials litter the internet” even though its mainly 40+yr old politicians being caught for indecent photo’s online(Snapchat bro!). “Millennials make poor decisions” even though thousands of people went bankrupt waiting for their million dollar cheque from the Nigerian prince they met online, not to mention the golden age of the lazy murderer experienced upon the invention of Craigslist personal encounters section.

“Sexy 18 yr old who only wants to sleep with divorced single dads over 45. Must be willing to meet at undisclosed location” How was that not obviously a trap?

Stupidity has not become more abundant, the bar for intelligence has merely been raised and its affecting the grade curve. What was once head of the class is now average, and what was once average is barely passable. University/college enrollment, innovation, and advances in medical science are at all time highs. Anyone who tells you this is the stupid generation merely does not understand the game being played.

—Frank Russo

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