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We made a podcast! Here's 25 for 25's debut episode: 1993

A look back at the year The Coast was born and Halifax was the next Seattle of music.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, The Coast is dipping its toes in this whole podcast fad the youths are talking about.

Welcome to 25 for 25, our new weekly podcast. It's a year-by-year look back at the stories and people that have shaped Halifax over the past quarter century. Our first episode came out today (subscribe on Soundcloud, Stitcher and iTunes) and covers the exciting days of 1993—when the Blue Jays were winning and Canada had three prime ministers.

We immediately get navel-gazey to speak with our boss, Kyle Shaw, about how The Coast started. After that, Sloan's Jay Ferguson drops by to talk about the band's early days and Halifax as “the new Seattle.”

If you like the podcast, please feel free to give us a nice rating or leave a review. Apparently, it makes the episodes easier for people to find.

If you hate the podcast, want to correct something we got wrong or have comments about any events we forgot to mention you can email us at [email protected].

Episode links:
Pimping and Prostitution in Halifax in the Early 1990s: The Evolution of a Moral Panic by Tanya Dawne Smith

We Were Not The Savages by Daniel Paul

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