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Two If By Sea Bakery

Dartmouth Farmer's Market now has a croissant maker. Tara Macdonald's buttery treats sell out fast.

In its hopeful quest to become Brooklyn to Halifax's Manhattan, Dartmouth likes to sneak up and surprise you. Now, another milestone has been reached: There are now freshly made croissants at the underrated Dartmouth Farmer's Market. Tara Macdonald's Two If By Sea bakery has been selling croissants there since last November.

In the true DIY spirit of this city, Macdonald is an amateur baker turning pro. She taught herself to bake buttery viennoiseries since she moved to Dartmouth last year. She still makes them in her home and continues to steadily hone her craft. "They're temperamental little buggers," Macdonald says, but she obsesses over every challenge, from mastering rolling techniques to sourcing butter and flour.

Every Saturday, she gets up at three in the morning and rolls out 100 plain, chocolate and ham and swiss croissants. They invariably sell out by 10:30 am. Business is growing at a similar rate to her partner's belly she said (apparently he ate quite a few in the early days): she now has a snazzy website and is saving up for a professional workspace in downtown Dartmouth.

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