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Swim pickings: suits by Martinique Swim

Dust off your beach bums and grab your surfboards: Simone Prinsenberg's handmade swimwear has you covered.

Simone Prinsenberg says her locally crafted suits are an ode to the waves she’s surfed. “It’s a nostalgic thing,” she says. “Each garment is named after places I’ve lived in or surfed at.” The 26-year-old credits becoming a swimwear designer to her nomadic lifestyle, drawing inspiration from surf spots in Costa Rica, Mexico and Thailand. 

Prinsenberg’s affinity for the waves began at 15 and she quickly decided to start making her own suits. “I asked myself why am I spending so much money on these bikinis, I can totally make them.” While her style relies on the influence of her travels, the sentiments of the east coast will always resonate. “In junior high, I would wake up and go surfing at Martinique Beach,” she says. “I’m proud to live here and I love the vibe there, so that’s where the name for my collection came from.”

Prinsenberg’s aim was to create swimwear that she and her surfing pals could feel cute and comfortable in. Long after some “trial and error” testing on their beach adventures, she decided to launch her website and has been selling her suits for a year. The collection strives to inspire women of all body types to surf, swim or sunbathe with confidence. Prinsenberg’s designs fuse together style and function, while mingling with lush femininity. She often plays with macrame as a way to create texture, pump up the nautical vibe and keep your bouncy bits buoyant. 

Martinique Swimwear currently has three styles of suits in sizes S/M/L, with different prints and colours to choose from. Bonus: they’re also reversible. The pieces can be sold separately, for mixing and matching.“I’m always trying to find flattering cuts and more options for all women,” she says. “I want a wide selection of garments a girl could tan in and feel sassy, [that would also appeal to] someone else who’s more conservative but still wants to feel that same way.” As of this week, Martinique Swimwear is available at Big Pony (2168 Gottingen Street) and Well & Good (11 East Petpeswick Road) in Musquodoboit Harbour.

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