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Shop this: Jutelaune espadrilles

Foot the bill for these Spanish-made shoes at Makenew

Shop this: Jutelaune espadrilles
Zac Barkhouse
A rainbow of handmade shoes

Raise your hand if you’re ready to be freed of the shackles known as socks and boots. Second-hand shop—and home of Anna Gilkerson’s one-year-old clothing line AKGMakenew 
(2468 Agricola Street) feels you on this. A scroll through its Instagram feed and you’ll swear you feel a little sunshine on your cheeks.

As a perfect accent to AKG’s airy, 1950s Italian Riviera-meets-’90s grunge spring/summer 2016 collection (which hits the shop this Friday, by the way) Makenew has also stocked the shop with these espadrilles—the ultimate summer shoe. “They’re handmade in Spain, fairly traded and made traditionally,” says Gilkerson of Jutelaune, a Spanish-made, German-based line. “That’s a big part of what we’re doing here, the pieces we’re carrying, even if they’re not made locally, they’re traditionally made.”

Makenew currently carries canvas pull-on ($55) and wild suede leather lace-up ($75) and pull-on ($70) versions of Jutelaune kicks—both styles have an organic jute sole and rubber bottom.

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